Monday, 17 March 2014

The mob with the cob

With the cob oven workshop booked in for Sunday, it wasn't till late Friday afternoon that we found out that we needed a concrete slab (or similar) for the pizza oven to be built on....................after putting what felt like half the town into a panic, Matt (Community Garden water coordinator and garden neighbour) and Corey (from Xylosinuous & also Community Garden member) joined forces and came together with minimal notice, donated their time, energy and resources and on Saturday laid the pizza oven base. Thanks boys for your super community spirit :)
Thanks Matt & Corey
So with the base in place, on Sunday a committed, enthusiastic and fun bunch of community members came together to learn the skill of cob building. All morning we mixed, stomped, twisted, turned, moulded and sculptured the clay and straw (adobe) into cobs.
Thankyou to Tony from Rockcote Traditional Arts for delivering and leading a fabulous and fun filled workshop......what a fabulous day and what a brilliant creation....
The first community cob oven in Evans Head!!
Thankyou to everyone that came along and joined in.
What a beautiful skill sharing day.
A bid Thankyou to everyone that brought a plate of food to time it might be pizza!!
Stomping & twisting

The making

Feels good

Cob smiles

The building

Our lovely cobs

Sand sculpting

one cob at a time

concentrating on the symmetry

The mob

Team work

making the insulation

The final layer

Our community cob oven

The day ended with a somewhat nervous storm, but was followed by this....a somewhat perfect ending..

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