Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A native bee visited the writer at home on the morning of the naming day. Synchronicity when our community garden was officially named 'The Hive'

An excerpt from Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D Farmer PhD:

'If BEE shows up, it means:
It's time to get organized and get to work on that idea that you want to implement and develop.
Approach your projects with commitment, diligence and dedication and you'll succeed beyond your wildest expectations.
Involve several others in a co-operative and life-affirming venture, one in which everyone who participates will benefit - and if possible, one that includes the entire community.
Take the time to appreciate and enjoy the sweetness of life.
This is a very fertile time for you physically and creatively, one where you can bring your ideas into fruition.
This is a very productive cycle for you, so stay with whatever you're working on and there will be a favourable outcome.'

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