Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Hive - A Mid Richmond Community Garden - The Journey so far....

The first Mid Richmond community garden meeting was held on Sunday August 18th, 2013. Twenty two community members attended.
The first community garden design meeting was held on Tuesday 27th August, 2013.
The Community garden design team have been meeting weekly since late August and 9 meetings have been held.
From these design meetings, the community garden design group have developed a shared vision for the site, undertaken a site assessment/analysis, worked with site restrictions and together have designed the landscape concept plan for the Mid Richmond community gardens.
In addition to these meetings, one field trip has been held to the Mullumbimby living earth festival and three community garden information stalls have been held at local markets.

Even at this projects initial stage, this community garden has already provided a meeting place, bringing together diverse aspects of the Mid Richmond community.
We are already cultivating the community…..and not a seed has been sown.
 Submission for development - including the landscape concept plan, was handed in to Richmond Valley Council on Monday 28 October, 2013.  Now we await.

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